Friday, January 22, 2010

Funny Somethings ~CHALLENGE~

Good Morning!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous week! We'd like to thank you all for making this week fly by with all your gorgeous blue and white creations!!! Our job of choosing only a top 5 really does get tougher each week!!! A big thanks to Whimsy Stamps as well for sponsoring, for all of you bummed out about not winning any Whimsy rubber, check HERE Sunday for their new release Snowball Fight Blog Hop!

Now on to the challenge!! We'd like you to make us giggle! Just create a project with something funny....a funny image, sentiment, whatever....we're just looking for a fun little chuckle!

We have a new, fun sponsor this week, Sunshine and Giggles!!!! Here's a bit about them....

Sunshine & Giggles specializes in offering multi-cultural images of kids being kids. We have a line of unmounted rubber stamps and just recently started offering digital images.

When I first started Sunshine & Giggles back in June, 2009 my intent was to offer African-American images because I found that there were very few companies that offered images of ethnicity. Children love to see images that look "just like me". I have since decided to offer multicultural images, representative of our communities which are a rainbow of many cultures.

Our new line introduced Cody and his steadfast companion Quest, his bloodhound. Cody & Quest journey around the globe making friends along the way. Their 1st stop was Scotland. To see where they land next you will have to stay tuned!

We will welcome any and all suggestions for future images so if you have a country or city you would like to see represented just drop us an e-mail.

Janice has generously offered a wonderful prize to our random winner, 3 digi images of your choice!!!!!!! Simply leave a DIRECT LINK to your NEW funny project using Mr. linky below by 7pm ET Thursday, January 28 and you'll be entered in the drawing for the prize and for one of our top 5 spots.

Have fun being funny!!!!!!


lisa said...

fab cards and sketch xxx

Christy Dillman said...

Thanks for inspiration, I thought this was funny saying that I put on inside!


Beverly Gotthardt said...

I think you'll get a smile out of this one.

Holly said...

I love funny cards! Great work from all the ladies!

patty said...

hello to you all, great works from you...

i made 2 ones and can´t decide which one...
nr. 32 ist wrong, please delete
and look to nr. 33 and 34, thank you, best wishes to you, pattystionge

Shawna said...

The whole idea of cupid, to me, is funny.

Anonymous said...

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Renkata said...

What a great idea for Challenge!!!
I love it.